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Personal Injury

When a person is physically or emotionally injured, it is considered to be a “Personal Injury”. Personal injury laws allow the injured person to receive monetary compensation for damages caused by another’s carelessness, negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, there are several things you can do to help yourself. First of all, make sure that you seek proper medical care. If you believe your injury was caused by someone else’s act, you should contact an attorney. Call as soon as possible and avoid discussing the matter with strangers or insurance representatives who are not from your own insurance company. Cooperate with the police, your own treating doctors, and your own insurance company, and remember that Minnesota laws may limit the amount of time you have to make a claim regarding your injury.

Car and Motorcycle Accidents

A car accident can be a life changing experience. When you are injured in a car accident you need an experienced lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve. In Minnesota, drivers must have No Fault personal injury protection coverage. This mandatory coverage pays for your reasonable and necessary medical treatment, wage loss and other out-of-pocket losses when you are injured in a car accident. We can help make sure your medical bills and wage losses are paid fully and on time.

When your car is damaged in an accident, you need an experienced lawyer to help you get the fair value for the damage to your vehicle. Insurance companies routinely try to pay the minimum amount they can to repair your car. An experienced lawyer can force the insurance company to pay the actual value for your car.

A recovery for pain and suffering is the most complicated and most important part of any car accident case. This is the money that is paid to you to compensate you for your injuries. The are no set formulas or amounts that insurance companies must pay for pain and suffering from an accident. Insurance companies will often try and contact a person immediately after an accent happens to offer a quick settlement. An early offer to settle your case is usually an attempt to pay you a small amount before you can hire a lawyer to protect your rights. An experienced lawyer can help develop your case and know the right time to present your claim to the insurance company. Although most car accident cases don’t go to trial, Snider Law Firm is wiling and able to take cases before a jury if it is necessary to obtain a fair recovery.

Bicycle Accidents

I am a frequent bicyclist and have handled numerous bicycle accident cases. I understand the unique challenges that arise in bicycle cases. Snider Law Firm has handled cases ranging from dooring accidents to road-rage against bicycles to the physical injuries that only occur in bicycle accidents. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you need a lawyer experienced with this specialized area of the law.

Dog bites

When a person is bitten by a dog, they may be entitled to compensation from the dog owner’s insurance company. As a general rule in Minnesota, an owner of a dog is liable if the dog bites a person when that person is in a location where they lawfully may be, and the dog was not provoked. If you have been attacked or bitten by a dog, you should call for a free consultation about your potential claim.


Although it is generally extremely difficult to bring a claim for an injury sustained in a fall, when it can be established that the fall was caused by the carelessness or negligence of another, it is possible to make a claim for injuries. If you have been injured in a fall, you should contact an attorney to determine whether it is possible to make a claim. It is critical that an attorney is contacted immediately so an investigation can be conducted before the accident area is altered.

Wrongful Death

Snider Law Firm has experience obtaining compensation from the at-fault party when a loved one dies in an accident. The loss of a loved one is an extremely difficult and stressful time. Although an attorney cannot ease the pain or bring a loved one back, an attorney can ensure that your rights are protected.

Other Injuries

We also provide representation regarding injuries caused by fires and explosions, airplane accidents, sexual abuse, assaults, false imprisonment and any other situation where a person is harmed by the acts of others.

We don’t charge any legal fees unless we recover money for you. Call now for a free consultation 612-872-1200.

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